TEDx in the Territory, TEDxDarwinWomen

It’s been a while since our last TEDxDarwin Community Update, but we have some big news to share; planning for TEDxDarwin 2016 has begun.  That’s right, the TEDxDarwin Crew is back and working to bring you TEDxDarwin in 2016.

In the meantime, we are working to bring you more TEDx events, such as TEDxWomen.  We are also very excited to be introducing TEDxPalmerston.

If you are interested in getting involved with organising TEDxDarwin then register your interest using the link below.

We will keep you updated on TEDx events in Darwin and beyond and reveal more details about TEDxDarwin in 2016 through these updates.  If you are no longer interested in receiving these updates, you can unsubscribe using the link at the bottom of this email.

With just 15 days to go until TEDxDarwinWomen, we are looking forward to catching up with friends old and new.


We are proud to introduce TEDxPalmerston, the newest TEDx event in the Territory.Licensee Sarah Harkin says “TEDxPalmerston is a growing community of folks who call Palmerston home. We created this community as a safe place for TED fans to unleash his or her inner nerd.”

Organisers Sarah Harkin (Licensee), Troy Harkin, Gabrielle Kaoustos, and Ruth Caddy are working to bring you TEDxPalmerston on 1 August 2015.

 TEDWomen 2015: Momentum

[Photo: Left - Penny, age 21 days at TEDxDarwinWomen 2012 Right - Penny, age 2.5 years looking forward to TEDxDarwinWomen 2015]

Photo: Left – Penny, age 21 days at TEDxDarwinWomen 2012
Right – Penny, age 2.5 years looking forward to TEDxDarwinWomen 2015

More than 150 TEDxWomen events will be held around the world to share the TEDWomen 2015 livestream. This is truly a global conversation celebrating movers and makers; designers and do-ers; local problem-solvers and global leaders.  This year, we have two exciting local events: TEDxDarwinWomen and TEDxPalmerstonWomen.

The theme for TEDWomen 2015 is Momentum. 

Momentum. Moving forward. Gaining speed. Building traction. TEDWomen 2015 will explore the bold ideas that create momentum in how we think, live and work. From the young scientist revealing a breakthrough discovery to the activist who methodically transformed how the world thinks about women. From the veteran CEO whose trade secrets turn organisations around to the athlete whose extraordinary comeback shocked the world.

Event details:
When: 6:30pm – 9:00pm, Friday 29 May 2015
Where: North Australian Development Office, Ground Floor, Development House, 76 The Esplanade, Darwin
Register here

When: 11:00am to 2:00pm, Saturday 30 May 2015
Where: Good Shepherd Lutheran College GSLC 8 Whitewood Road, Howard Springs
Things to know: DIY artisan bread, and STEM playgroup for families with kids.
Register here

Get involved

TEDxDarwin is a not-for-profit event and will depend on the generosity of a lot of people. It takes the dedication of a great bunch of people to make each event a success. We call this bunch of people the TEDxDarwin Crew.

If you are interested in getting involved, register your interest here.

I am the City 2.0 Dream Me. Build Me. Make Me Real.

For the next 48 hours around the globe people will be participating in a day of urban inspiration.  TEDxCity 2.0 has arisen from the 2012 TED Prize winner, City 2.0. There’s 138 TEDxCity2.0 events taking place in 48 countries around the world!

For those that are not attending an event or watching the livestream (which I am, as I write this post) I thought I would share some past TEDxCity2.0 or related talks.  I also asked a few friends to share talks that inspired them.

From Mark:

Sometimes I feel that planning would be a lot easier if we had more help from the people who live in this great city of ours. This video shows how you can do this by empowering residents with modern technology, and more importantly, letting them come up with the ideas and a bigger role in making the ideas happen.

Open data and citizen engagement: Forest Frizzell at TEDxHonolulu


From Mark:

Acknowledging the past is important in a town that has been ravaged over time. This talk gives some examples of international projects where unveiling the past and showing the layers of history are important steps in the planning process.

Visualizing the past to shape the future: Liz McEnaney at TEDxDumbo

From Jason:

We talk about how an environment can shape you. I am fascinated about how a city can shape the way we create and invent. When we think jazz, we think New Orleans. When we think technology we think Silicon Valley.

Music and Cities: Trenton and Free Radical at TEDxCapeTown City2.0

More on Cities

For more on cities, TED has created a Cities topic page with links to talks, playlists, blog posts and discussions.

The City 2.0

“I am the crucible of the future.
I am where humanity will either flourish or fade.
I am being built and rebuilt every day.
I am inevitable. But I am not yet determined.
I wish to be inclusive, innovative, healthy, soulful, thriving. But my potential can only be reached through you.

You can forge a new urban outlook. Begin by connecting. Imagine a platform that brings you together, locally and globally. Combine the reach of the cloud with the power of the crowd. Connect leaders, experts, companies, organizations and citizens. Share your tools, data, designs, successes, and ideas. Turn them into action.

Together you can:
Bridge the gap between poor and rich communities.
Spectacularly reduce your carbon footprint.
Make nature part of daily life.
Empower entrepreneurship.
Re-imagine education.
Nurture health.
I am the City 2.0. Dream me. Build me. Make me real.”