I am the City 2.0 Dream Me. Build Me. Make Me Real.

For the next 48 hours around the globe people will be participating in a day of urban inspiration.  TEDxCity 2.0 has arisen from the 2012 TED Prize winner, City 2.0. There’s 138 TEDxCity2.0 events taking place in 48 countries around the world!

For those that are not attending an event or watching the livestream (which I am, as I write this post) I thought I would share some past TEDxCity2.0 or related talks.  I also asked a few friends to share talks that inspired them.

From Mark:

Sometimes I feel that planning would be a lot easier if we had more help from the people who live in this great city of ours. This video shows how you can do this by empowering residents with modern technology, and more importantly, letting them come up with the ideas and a bigger role in making the ideas happen.

Open data and citizen engagement: Forest Frizzell at TEDxHonolulu


From Mark:

Acknowledging the past is important in a town that has been ravaged over time. This talk gives some examples of international projects where unveiling the past and showing the layers of history are important steps in the planning process.

Visualizing the past to shape the future: Liz McEnaney at TEDxDumbo

From Jason:

We talk about how an environment can shape you. I am fascinated about how a city can shape the way we create and invent. When we think jazz, we think New Orleans. When we think technology we think Silicon Valley.

Music and Cities: Trenton and Free Radical at TEDxCapeTown City2.0

More on Cities

For more on cities, TED has created a Cities topic page with links to talks, playlists, blog posts and discussions.

The City 2.0

“I am the crucible of the future.
I am where humanity will either flourish or fade.
I am being built and rebuilt every day.
I am inevitable. But I am not yet determined.
I wish to be inclusive, innovative, healthy, soulful, thriving. But my potential can only be reached through you.

You can forge a new urban outlook. Begin by connecting. Imagine a platform that brings you together, locally and globally. Combine the reach of the cloud with the power of the crowd. Connect leaders, experts, companies, organizations and citizens. Share your tools, data, designs, successes, and ideas. Turn them into action.

Together you can:
Bridge the gap between poor and rich communities.
Spectacularly reduce your carbon footprint.
Make nature part of daily life.
Empower entrepreneurship.
Re-imagine education.
Nurture health.
I am the City 2.0. Dream me. Build me. Make me real.”

TEDGlobal 2013 screening live in Darwin, this is Plan B

I am very excited to be watching a session of TEDGlobal 2013 today.  As usual, I spent part of last night picking TED Talks for Plan B.  Why Plan B?  Because webcasting events rely on many different things working at the same time.  As usual, I have watched a bunch of talks which I wish everyone could watch. So, here is Plan B. With any luck, you will be seeing this list for the first time.

Plan B

Plan B for TEDxDarwinLive 2013

Last night I spent some time researching TED Talks as part of developing my contingency plan, Plan B, for TEDxDarwinLive 2013. TEDxDarwinLive 2013 is a webcast, and experience has shown that sometimes, usually when you have an audience, the Internet does not work or does not work well enough to stream video. So, when I organise a webcast event, I always spend time developing Plan B.

The problem is, tonight was the first time a have been immersed in TED and TEDx Talks for a few months and I found myself actually wanting to watch Plan B.  So I have written this post and set it to automatically publish at the start of TEDxDarwinLive 2013. Whether the webcast works or not, I wanted to share some great TED Talks. I hope you enjoy them.

Plan B

  1. Lee Cronin: Print your own medicine (TEDGlobal2012)
  2. Cesar Kuriyama: One second every day (TED2012)
  3. Raghava KK: What’s your 200-year plan? (TEDxSummit2012)
  4. Paolo Cardini: Forget multitasking, try monotasking (TEDGlobal2012)
  5. David Binder: The arts festival revolution (TEDGlobal2012)
  6. Steven Addis: A father-daughter bond, one photo at a time (TED2012)
  7. Julie Burstein: 4 lessons in creativity (TED2012)
  8. Philippe Petit: The journey across the high wire (TED2012)
  9. David Kelley: How to build your creative confidence (TED2012)