Community Update: Call for speakers for TEDxDarwin 2012

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There are only 96 days to go until we have TEDxDarwin 2012.

TEDxDarwin will be held on Saturday, 8 September 2012.  TEDxDarwin is about passion, laughter, beauty, ingenuity and ideas with the power to change the world. TEDxDarwin is an opportunity to help make a difference by spreading new ideas and inspiring the community to help shape the future of Darwin and the Northern Territory.

To build a powerful and engaging pro­gram, we are looking for:

  • local voices that few have heard before
  • people who can present their field in a new light
  • perspectives that the global TED community may not have access to
  • diverse demographics, ethnicities, backgrounds, subject matter.

Potential speakers could:

  • be thinkers or doers, or both
  • be performers in the arts, have an inspiring story or interesting life experiences to share
  • be people who started innovative organisations, invented world-changing devices, created ground-breaking media, or pioneered social change
  • have a new way of looking at things or done something that made a difference
  • be you!

If you want the chance to share your idea or you know someone with an idea worth sharing, please nominate now.

State of the X

With more and more TEDx events being run every day, here are some stats on TEDx and TEDx Talks (as at end of April):

  • 4106 events have happened around the world
  • 1100 cities around the world have hosted one or more TEDx event
  • 130 countries have hosted one or more TEDx event

TEDx Talks by the numbers:

  • 15,270 TEDxTalks
  • 38.1 million views of the TEDxTalks on the YouTube channel and the TEDxTalks website
  • 158 talks featured on
  • 72.2 million views of the TEDxTalks featured on

An Optimistic Challenge

TEDxCanberra is asking everyone to take part in An Optimistic Challenge: Try something new for 30-days, Matt-Cutts-style. How?

Step 1: You have until Friday to choose something you want to do everyday, for 30 days.

Step 2: The challenge starts on 1 June, for the 30 days of June.

Step 3: Visit TEDxCanberra on Facebook and share your challenge journey with the TEDxCanberra community.

Until next time

As we approach TEDxDarwin 2012 we are also working on providing more opportunities to watch TED with friends.

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