Favourite TED Talks from the Crew: Jessica Silvester

Do you remem­ber the most inspir­ing TED talk you’ve ever seen? One that changed your per­spect­ive? There are thou­sands of talks on thou­sands of top­ics, but we asked the crew to pick just one of their favour­ites.

Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are

Jessica Silvester, Crew member

Amy’s speech was the first talk I ever watched, and it is the bar all talks since are measured against. It is the 2nd most watched TED talk in the world, and chances are you’ve heard of it.

It’s a fantastic story of how individuals can empower themselves to reduce stress and anxiety by assuming better body language. Amy’s  link between assuming “power poses” or a posture of confidence, even when we are not feeling confident, not only impacts people’s perceptions but affects testosterone and cortisol levels in the brain. A fake it till you make it proposition backed by science. At the time I watched this, I was looking for ways to more actively manage my stress and anxiety – the “Wonder Women” pose works for me.

I have used it in many situations – before job interviews, presentations or big meetings. I have told so many people that I often have this image of people assuming power poses in front of mirrors every morning all over Darwin.

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