My TEDxDarwin Journey: Lesley Taylor

TEDxDarwin 2012 - Lesley Taylor
TEDxDarwin 2012 – Lesley Taylor

Throughout my career I have done hundreds of presentations, seminars and workshops but nothing prepared me for the experience of planning and delivering my TEDxDarwin talk in 2012.

Initially I was euphoric about this amazing opportunity to share my knowledge about how every individual plays a role in the protection of children. This quickly degenerated into an almost constant state of anxiety about how to channel all of my core beliefs, understanding and experiences about the prevention of child abuse into under 18 minutes!

The thrill of delivering my talk without notes is still one of my greatest achievements.

Since giving the talk, many incredible things have happened. I was approached by my organisation, NAPCAN, to be a key note speaker at the annual conference of the 90by30 organisation (Reduce child abuse by 90% by 2030)  in Eugene Oregon, USA!!! The organisers had seen my TEDxDarwin talk and believed I was the right person to speak to the 200 community members who would be attending to learn about how to protect kids in their county.

My talk has been used by university lecturers at Charles Darwin University to share my messages with social work, community work and health students. I also discovered recently that my talk is regularly referenced in social work student papers and presentations!

Last month, I was walking through the airport and the security worker pointed at me and shouted that she had just seen my talk, and how much it had inspired her.

My simple message about creating child safe communities is being shared across Australia and the world – this is the power of TEDx.

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