My simple message, Registration opens soon, Share a TED Talk on the day

 “We live in an era where the best way to make a dent on the world may no longer be to write a letter to the editor or publish a book. It may be simply to stand up and say something . . . because both the words and the passion with which they are delivered can now spread across the world at warp speed.”
— Chris Anderson

19 days to go

Our first live event for 2016 is just around the corner. This will be the third TEDxDarwin event that brings together a diverse group of speakers, continuing to build the capacity in our community to develop and explore new ideas.

TEDxDarwin will bring 100 Territorians together on Saturday, 6 August 2016 for a day of inspiration, networking and dialogue.

The TEDxDarwin Crew have been working hard to create an amazing day for the audience. Our speakers have finished workshopping their talks and are now working hard to refine them.

Over the next couple of weeks, we be releasing an exciting program of speakers and performers that is sure to capture the imagination of everyone in the community.

Be sure to read below about how to access to our early registration process.

My TEDxDarwin Journey

TEDxDarwin 2016 - Lesley Taylor
Lesley Taylor – TEDxDarwin 2012

“My simple message about creating child safe communities is being shared across Australia and the world – this is the power of TEDx.” – Lesley Taylor, TEDxDarwin 2012

Recently we shared Lesley Taylor’s TEDxDarwin Journey. Lesley’s talk has taken her to the USA and is used in Universities overseas and at our own Charles Darwin University. Lesley was also singled out by airport security – for the right reason! You can read more about her journey here and you can watch Lesley’s talk here.




Share a TED Talk on the day

At TEDxDarwin 2016 we will be playing some amazing TED Talks as part of our program. We are interested to learn what amazing TED Talks you think we should share with the TEDxDarwin Community.

There are over a 1,000 TED Talks (and many times more TEDx Talks). Often we discover surprising and inspiring talks in the strangest places. We are looking for TED Talks that may not have the same profile as the most popular talks. Try to look beyond the top 20.

We are looking forward to your suggestions. Suggest your TED Talk now.

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