Registration Policy

Before you apply to reg­is­ter for TEDx­Darwin, TEDxYouth, TEDxDarwinLive, TEDxDarwinWomen, it’s impor­tant to under­stand our reg­is­tra­tion poli­cies. Please care­fully read the poli­cies below.

This reg­is­tra­tion poli­cy applies to all TEDx­Darwin, TEDxDarwinYouth, TEDxDarwinLive, TEDxDarwinWomen events; any event specific policies will be identified by their event name (eg Special condition for TEDxYouth@Darwin).

Places are limited

Attendance at TEDx­Darwin, TEDxYouth, TEDxDarwinLive, TEDxDarwinWomen events are open to everyone, but limited by TED rules. It is important that anyone interested in attending TEDxDarwinWomen is registered.

Con­di­tions for acceptance

Before an appli­ca­tion for reg­is­tra­tion can be accepted, it must meet the fol­low­ing criteria.

  • Avail­abil­ity: There must be avail­abil­ity of places
  • Pay­ment: Prompt pay­ment must be made at the time of your application (not applicable for free events)

 One per­son – one registration

Reg­is­tra­tions for TEDx­Darwin, TEDxYouth, TEDxDarwinLive, TEDxDarwinWomen events are absolutely not share­able or trans­fer­able dur­ing the event. As much as we know you want to share the love, we will prob­a­bly ask you to leave if we catch you doing this.

Right to ter­mi­nate registration

We reserve the right to ter­mi­nate any reg­is­tra­tion at any stage with­out expla­na­tion by noti­fy­ing the indi­vid­ual con­cerned by email, and deliv­er­ing a refund.


All reg­is­tra­tions for TEDx­Darwin, TEDxYouth, TEDxDarwinLive, TEDxDarwinWomen events are made on the basis of one person-one reg­is­tra­tion. There are no mul­ti­ple or group registrations.

In the inter­ests of fair­ness and wide dis­tri­b­u­tion of places, we ask that for a cor­po­ra­tion, organ­i­sa­tion or fam­ily, you limit pur­chases to four (4) places. We can’t stop you reg­is­ter­ing more, but we ask you don’t.


We can­not refund a reg­is­tra­tion less than one (1) week prior to the event. We may be able to trans­fer a reg­is­tra­tion (see below).


Reg­is­tra­tions are assigned for spe­cific indi­vid­u­als and may not be trans­ferred unless:

  • We receive full details of the pro­posed Trans­fer in writ­ing by email to at least one (1) week prior to the start of the conference
  • The pro­posed Trans­feree com­pletes an online reg­is­tra­tion appli­ca­tion request that is approved by us. In gen­eral, he or she must be some­one as equally able to con­tribute to the com­mu­nity as the Trans­feror. In the case of cor­po­rate trans­fers, the Trans­feree will need to be of equiv­a­lent senior­ity or higher.

In those cases where a trans­fer is granted, the fol­low­ing terms also apply:

  • The Trans­feree will receive a nor­mal registration

TEDx­Darwin reserves the right to refuse even those trans­fer requests that meet the above terms, and instead to refund the reg­is­tra­tion if time allows.

Pho­tog­ra­phy, video and audio recording

TEDx­Darwin, TEDxYouth, TEDxDarwinLive, TEDxDarwinWomen events are sub­ject to exten­sive dig­i­tal record­ing in video, audio and pho­to­graphic form. By attend­ing, you acknowl­edge and accept that you my be the subject of such record­ing. We will seek to accom­mo­date any spe­cific wish not to be recorded, but can­not guar­an­tee you will not be recorded in some form.

If you wish to alert us to try to avoid record­ing you, please email

Special condition for TEDxYouth@Darwin

TEDxYouth@Darwin is a youth focused event, and your age will be requested during the registation process.  As places are limited, if audience numbers exceed the licence, preference will be given to youth attendees.  Refunds will be provided in this circumstance.